Baluba Shake

Step into the vibrant atmosphere of the 1960s with the exciting BALUBA SHAKE show, offering a total immersion into the music and spirit of that golden era. Four skilled musicians come together to revive the charm of legends like the Beach Boys, the Beatles, and other icons of the time. Authentic period costumes and accurate replicas of English “beat” attire contribute to creating the perfect atmosphere. The live performance is an authentic journey through time, featuring powerful solo voices, precise musical arrangements, and vintage instruments and amplifiers. The repertoire covers the most iconic moments of the decade, transporting the audience into uninhibited dances like the “twist” and the “shake.” Additionally, the audience will be transported to the British and Californian vibes of “beat” and “surf” through the brilliant and faithful interpretation of the era’s most famous songs. The contagious rhythm of the BALUBA SHAKE concert captures the carefree and magical spirit of the 1960s. Relive the golden era with this extraordinary musical and theatrical experience.