Grand Soul Station

Welcome to “GRAND SOUL STATION,” where the warmth and power of soul music come to life in an extraordinary experience! Get ready to be transported on a journey through the sweet sounds of soul music, led by the extraordinary Barbara Vulso, an international singer and performer with incredible charisma and voice. Barbara Vulso is the heart and soul of this engaging show. Her sparkling presence and magnetic personality will capture your heart from the very beginning. With a voice that touches the soul and a talent that enchants, Barbara Vulso will guide you through an extraordinary repertoire, ranging from the legendary Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross to the unforgettable Amy Winehouse and the sensational Marvin Gaye. But it’s not just Barbara Vulso shining in this show. Alongside her, a band of extraordinary musicians will breathe new life into these classic soul melodies. “GRAND SOUL STATION” is an extraordinary experience that will make you dance, sing, and move, transporting you to an era when soul music reigned supreme. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this unforgettable “Soul Station”!