celentano tribute show

Il Re Degli Ignoranti

Maurizio Schweizer’s natural physical and vocal resemblance is the spark that ignites the show “Il Re degli Ignoranti” (“The King of the Ignorant”). Fun and emotions intertwine among the beautiful songs of the “Molleggiato” (Adriano Celentano), beloved by audiences of all ages.

A professional singer for many years, Maurizio is perfectly at ease with Adriano’s vocal style, without any forced elements and with the same natural accent. The voice is certainly astonishing, but the movements leave you speechless: the step, the gestures, the sways, the unmistakable way of dancing… all done with ease and fluidity.

To complete the magic, Maurizio wears costumes perfectly identical to those used by the famous singer in different periods of his long career. Five different looks have been meticulously crafted, including vintage accessories. The same meticulous care has been devoted to the musical part: the large ensemble has allowed the recreation of arrangements faithful to the original, performed by ten professional musicians.

Numerous and amusing are the comedic moments, extracted from the Molleggiato’s films and concerts. The three splendid backing vocalists are also engaged in carefully choreographed routines, in perfect interaction with the protagonist. The remarkable stage design completes this high-level production, starting with the gigantic LED wall backdrop, capable of creating extremely evocative atmospheres.