Riccardo Foresi

A magnificent show featuring the talented Italian crooner Riccardo Foresi and his band “That’s Amore.”

Riccardo Foresi is an authentic Italian crooner who spent a decade in the United States, singing in prestigious venues and honing his talent alongside great overseas artists. His return to Italy gave life to an artistically valuable project: Riccardo Foresi & That’s Amore.

Accompanied by an exceptional band, Riccardo will take you on a journey through the great classics of “Crooner” music, an irresistible mix of tradition and contemporaneity. Iconic songs like “My Way,” “New York, New York,” and “That’s Amore” blend with modern reinterpretations by artists like Michael Bublé, Ed Sheeran, and many others. Success is guaranteed.

Riccardo Foresi is signed to the record label CatMusic, and his first single “Io ti voglio così bene” was released in February 2023.

The artist is also part of the “Procred Music” project and currently performs worldwide.