the voice

Roberto Tiranti

Roberto Tiranti is an extraordinarily versatile singer, whose talent spans a musical repertoire ranging from opera to rock, delivering truly exceptional performances to the audience. With a career that includes 10 years of contribution to the legendary band New Trolls, he had the honor of gracing the stage of the Sanremo Festival on two unforgettable occasions. These experiences captured the attention of a wide audience, showcasing his eclectic talent and powerful stage presence.

Beyond the realms of rock and opera, Tiranti’s artistic versatility has extended to musical theater, where he masterfully portrayed the role of Pharaoh Ramesses II in the musical “The Ten Commandments.” His engaging stage presence seamlessly combines with his incredible voice, creating a truly unique spectacle. What further distinguishes Roberto Tiranti’s performances is the use of visuals. These visual elements add an extraordinary dimension to his shows, amplifying the emotional impact of his music. The fusion of voice and images creates an engaging and unforgettable experience.

As a backing vocalist in the latest edition of the Sanremo Festival, he has enriched his career with significant collaborations with Ken Hensley, Ian Paice, and Glenn Hughes. Since 2022, he has been the official backing vocalist for Gianni Morandi, confirming his reputation as an eclectic and talented artist.

In summary, Roberto Tiranti is an exceptional artist who, with his extraordinary voice, delivers engaging and unforgettable performances that span across diverse musical spheres. His versatility and stage presence make him a prominent figure in the industry.